Sculpture series, oak wood / pine wood
Various dimensions

In Dwarslangsdwars, I have brought together the rhythm of warp and weft in the construction of a weave, with the rhythm of ‘long houses’ and ‘transverse houses’ in the construction of medieval inner cities (a house type that is determined by the direction of the ridge beam relative to from the street side). In the installation, these wooden ‘truss constructions’ of medieval houses are superimposed horizontally and vertically. They encapsulate each other and grow over each other as scaled-up layers. The core of this sculpture consists of a charred model that forms ‘the memory’ of the construction, as it were. In this way, the work is not only about horizontal and vertical construction as in a weave, but also about the cycle of construction and demolition of houses under the influence of city fires, remediation, reconstruction and renovation of architectural heritage.

Dwarslangsdwars (2020) was part of the exhibition manifestation WEEF
 Museum Flehite / Mariënhof, Amersfoort (NL)
03.10.20 - 22.11.20

Dwarslangsdwars (2020) is part of the ongoing research series
The Shelter Series (2020 -)

Geschiedenis en losse draadjes - Bart Lunenburg bij WEEF
by: Marjolein Sponselee (In Dutch)