Mixed-media installation

In the installation Doorzon, I have researched the meaning and role of ‘the window’ in architecture, visual arts, and photography. The window functions as a transition between the inner space and the outside world, between the private and the public, ourselves and the other, between three-dimensional space and flat surface. More specifically Doorzon is about the Dutch ‘doorzonwoning’, a type of dwelling mass-produced in The Netherlands in the second half of the 20th century. The modernist ideals of light and transparency are clearly visible in this housing type, while at the same time this type of dwelling is also about standardization, the middle-class and anonymity in urban planning.

In Doorzon, I have brought elements of light, reflection, construction, and architectural/geometrical repetition together in one room. In the installation, the flatness of photography and video overlap with the spatiality of scale model and sculpture.

Text about Doorzon
by: Taco Hidde Bakker in Camera Austria International #143

Text Over licht, vensters en de Nederlandse doorzonwoning
by: Bart Lunenburg in Simulacrum (T)huis

Doorzon contains the following  works: Doorzonsculptuur (2017), Ondiep Sculptuur (2017), Marching Walls (2017), Paper Curtain (2017), The Window Archive (2015 - ongoing), Het Venster in de Kunst (2017)