Sculpture, painted MDF and pinewood
120 x 108 x 4 cm

The Doorzonsculptuur (Doorzonsculpture) forms a structure of connected ‘doorzonwoningen’. The basis of the work is the plan of this archetypical Dutch dwelling type. In this fictional architectural structure, the streets have completely disappeared, and thereby all the houses have merged into each other. In The Netherlands of the 20th century, 1,5 million of these ‘doorzonwoningen’ have been built. The modernist ideals of light and transparency are clearly visible in this dwelling type. The large windows in the front and the back of the house, allow large quantities of light to enter the house. Literally translated ‘doorzon’ would mean something like ‘sun-through’. The idea was that at every single point of the day, there would always be sunlight in the house. At the same time, these large windows also have the consequence that the outside world and inside space are blending into each other. The living room of one household forms a view for an outsider.

Doorzonsculptuur is part of the installation Doorzon