A House with Two Shadows
2020 - 
Sculpture series - oak wood, charcoal
Various dimensions

A House with Two Shadows is a series of sculptures that explore the cycle of the construction, demolition and restoration of Medieval architectural heritage; and the influence of city fires throughout history on timber architecture. In the work I look for the influence of historical (and recent) city fires and conflicting conceptions on the renovation of Medieval architectural heritage.

In the series differently scaled layers of the same building are placed, and sometimes ‘woven', on top of each other. The core of the sculptures are often burned, charred and fragile wooden constructions that are encapsulated and protected by a larger, new version of that same house.

In this way, the work plays with the idea of how a house or a site can be a patchwork. One house containing many houses, or many versions of the same construction; succeeding each other through time.

A House with Two Shadows (2020 -) is part of the ongoing research 
The Shelter Series (2020 - ongoing)