Warding Window, 2023-24
Installation with double-sided wall sculptures | Inlaid painted wood.
Installed perpendicular to the wall. 
46 x 32 x 1,2 cm each

In the series of wall sculptures Warding Window (2023), I have explored the design and characteristics of window shutters found in the Eastern part of The Netherlands. Their colours and compositions referred to the heraldic weapons of the local landowners and served as a symbol of feudal ownership. In the series I deconstructed historic shutter designs and rearranged them into new rhythmic compositions, a similar method to making a quilt or a patchwork. Once the farmhouse owner changed — due to marriage, war, or succession — the window shutters were painted over with new colours and designs.

Cross (triptych) from the series Warding Window (2023)

Birds in the air from the series Warding Window (2023)

Border from the series Warding Window (2023)

Fade from the series Warding Window (2023)

Migration from the series Warding Window (2023)

Overlay from the series Warding Window (2023)

Warding Window (2023) was part of the group exhibition Hoeders van het Land, Kunstenlab, Deventer (NL)
17.11.23 - 07.01.24

De Groene Amsterdammer, Schilderen als teken van bezit, article by: Joke de Wolf

Mister Motley, Wakers op de drempel - over bezit en bescherming in landelijke architectuur, essay by: Bart Lunenhurg