Tumulus, 2023
Archival inkjet print on Canson Rag 310 Fine Art Photo Paper. Ash wood frame treated with colourless beeswax with museum glass
102 x 82 cm

Tumulus (2023) explores the historical phenomenon of the Viking house burial. In early medieval Scandinavia, houses were considered to have a spirit of their own. When the (wealthy) owner of a Viking longhouse passed away the house was often cremated and/or buried alongside them; turning the house into a burial mound. Often new houses were built next too, or on top of these burial sites. For me this interesting cycle of construction and reconstruction, life and death, and living alongside one’s ancestors is a testimony of a more spirited and fundamental experience of architecture; and touches upon many other themes in my artistic practice.

Tumulus (2023) was part of the group exhibition At the Farthest Edge: Re-building Photography at Atelier NŌUA,
Bodø (NO)
03.06.23 - 30.07.23