Tread to thread, 2022
Site-specific installation with woven cotton 

Tread to thread (2022) connects the carefully measured columns of Priorij Emmaus, this former Bossche School monastery, together; resulting in tens of meters-long weaving work that enfolds throughout the building. The weaving work transforms the monastery’s circular corridor, which served as a hallway for processions and meditative walks, into a warping board.

In the work, the architecture of the monastery and the one of the warping board are drawn together paying homage to ‘weaving’ as the oldest way of building as well as being a testimony to the lives of the sister order of the Kanunnikessen van het Heilige Graf that until recently lived in the building.

Tread to thread (2022) is part of the solo-exhibition One to seven, grey to red, three to four, tread to thread
Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Maarssen (NL)
06.10.22 - 08.01.23