This Creaking Floor and All the Ceilings Below
Published by Fw:Books
Design: Hans Gremmen
Text: Taco Hidde Bakker
Distribution: Idea Books

17 x 24 centimeter / 320 pages / colour / hardcover
ISBN: 978-94-90119-99-7

This Creaking Floor and All the Ceilings Below
is a book-building that brings together many different facets from my artistic practice and my explorations in the built world. Including reproductions of photographs, drawings, scale models, installations, film stills and exhibition views, this labyrinthine book is conceived as an imaginary building.

Works and projects from over the past years have been assigned a new place within the different thematical rooms and wings of the building. These thematically rooms are at their turn subdivided into the three building layers. In brief: the construction, the habitation and the decay of the building.

In the book the viewer-visitor is guided along foundations, corridors, rooms brimming with sunlight, radiant windows, concealed doors, enfilades, winding staircases and a woven wall.

Together, all projects combined almost function as a 'building of many buildings': bringing together many sites and histories through the development of my different projects. They form a meditation on the tension between the architectural model and an actual building.

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