The Tower's Memory
Photographic installation

The Tower’s Memory is a large scale photographic work that shows architecture as a framework that yet has to be filled in. We see a tower based on the basic principles of skeleton construction: an accumulation of open floors. The sterile, not-yet realized scale model of the tower was photographed in an empty room of a building that was about to be stripped back to the bones. From this ‘tabula rasa,’ the building will be built up again and be assigned a different function.

In this way, the work forms a contrast between the sterile scale model and the actual ‘worn’ space which was about to be demolished. Also in the two-dimensionality of the work, the different perspectives and scales of both spaces are merging in each other. I find it interesting to see how a building’s skeleton can remain, but the building can transform function.

The Tower’s Memory, 2018, DeBelofte 13, Kunstliefde

The Tower’s Memory, 2018, UNSEEN 2018