Studies (Building as a sandal), 2022
Series of drawings, acrylics on paper framed in oakwood frame, stained with five of the Bossche School house colours, brass inlay 
33.5 x 45.5 cm each

Between human beings and nature, the house exists as an act of appeasement of the elements. The Dutch architect-monk Dom Hans van der Laan uses the example of the sandal, for which the shape and the material must be chosen in accordance with both the rawness of the ground and the softness of our feet. We should bring about spaces separated from nature in the same spirit, mediating between our own predisposition and the climatic conditions. The interior becomes habitable while the exterior remains indomitable. 

Studies (Building as a sandal), 2022 are part of the solo-exhibition One to seven, grey to red, three to four, tread to thread
Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Maarssen (NL)
06.10.22 - 08.01.23