Room with Floors
(1412 - 2020)
Architectural installation with sculptures and silkscreen prints
Various dimensions

Room with Floors explores the barrel vaults of the 14th-century Saint Ursula’s Convent, on which the 19th-century school building was built in which Casco Art Institute and FOTODOK currently are housed. These vaults have been ‘moved up’ from underneath the building to the exhibition spaces upstairs. In the installation, the arches have been placed in an unfolding sculptural structure and have been assigned a new supporting function by carrying the visitor from one room to the next one. The sculpture is doubling the floor of the exhibition space.

Along the sculptural grid photographic silkscreen prints of the almost organically textured vaults underneath the building are added, creating a tension between the geometrical and model-like arches in space and the actual hidden ones underneath the building. These arches and silkscreen are also accompanied by smaller hidden sculptures in and between the piled up arches.

Room with Floors (1412-2020) is part of the solo-exhibition
This Creaking Floor and All the Ceilings Below,

FOTODOK & Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons,
Lange Nieuwstraat 7, Utrecht (NL)
06.03.20 - 14.06.20