Site-specific installation 

Penumbra is a site-specific installation that was presented in a former 19th-century coach house at Prins Hendriklaan in Arnhem. The work explored the history of the building that once housed a now largely disappeared livery stable, revealing no longer visible fragments from it’s past.

While working on my research into the history of the house, I discovered that a former stable and 19th-century neo-classicistic mansion was housed in the building. However, the current coach building is the only building of a larger complex that has been preserved. During my research, I came across images from a local city archive, among which a photo of the detached facade of the old building.

At the end of the Second World War during the Battle of Arnhem, the mansion and livery stable were hit by the bombardments. This dramatic event in history, and later interventions in the architecture of the building, made the livery stable invisible. The newly built apartment block from the '80s /' 90s on the corner of the street, initially does not seem to conceal anything about the previous buildings and the memory of the stable.

Penumbra was realized as part of the ‘site-specific’ section of
Kunst op de Koffie 2019.