Passage, 2023
Pine, spruce, ash, oak, walnut, linden wood
152 x 165 x 41 cm

Passage (2023) is a sculpture derived from the remnants of the Oseberg Tapestry (834 AD). In the tapestry there is a scene wherein a battalion of soldiers has used a battle technique to create a protective roof above their heads by crossing spears diagonally, resembling a house or a form of semi-architecture. The work references Odin’s Hall in Valhalla (the roof was made of crossed spears), and the practice of Viking ship burials, where the tapestry itself was found and unearthed. Constructed from Scandinavian indigenous wood – pine, spruce, ash, oak, walnut, linden –with subtle variations of tone and grain, it has an illusionistic force, and hints at the infinite cycles of architecture and the transition from the living to the afterlife.

Passage (2023) was part of the group exhibition At the Farthest Edge: Re-building Photography at Atelier NŌUA,
Bodø (NO)
03.06.23 - 30.07.23

Passage, 2023
Archival inkjet print on Canson Rag Fine Art paper. Oak wood frame with museum glass, treated with beeswax
64,5 x 52