Decke, 2023
Linnen patchwork, wood
275 x 300 x 205 cm

Decke (2023) is a sculpture that contains a 11m long linnen patchwork and that explores ‘lafteverk’: the accumulation and interweaving of tree trunks in the traditional Scandinavian log cabin, as well as the North-American quilting tradition of the log cabin quilt; based on the eponymous wooden huts that Scandinavian colonists brought overseas.

Traditionally the most central square in a log cabin pattern is always red and refers to 'the hearth'; the fireplace that was at the centre of the house. 'Decke', which in the German language means 'blanket' and 'ceiling' at the same time, explores this sheltering quality of architecture, and seeks to give form to the primary relationship between architecture and textile.

Study of a Corner no. 1 - 5, 2023
Drawing series
Lightfast pencil and colour pencil on paper. Pinewood frame (recycled church bench) with museum glass
35,5 x 27,5 cm each

Study of a Corner (detail)

Decke (2023) was part of the group exhibition At the Farthest Edge: Re-building Photography at Atelier NŌUA,
Bodø (NO)
03.06.23 - 30.07.23