Brick Weaving Tapestry
Research-project into ‘Groninger brick’ related to the province’s earthquakes and gas extraction; and duo-exhibition (Un)earth with Awoiska van der Molen

Brick Weaving Tapestry is the result of my research into the ‘Groninger brick’, in the context of a project by Noorderlicht and BPD Cultuurfonds about the gas extraction and earthquakes in Groningen.

When baked, the Groninger sea clay, containing high amount of iron, turns into a magnificent red brick. Praised for its beautiful color this brick has been used for thousands of years and led to the creation of splendid examples of romano-gothic church architecture, and farms and houses in the province.

The work deals with the fact that, because of demolition and renovation projects in the province as a result of the earthquake damage, the brick is returning into the same clay as it was mined from. Houses and sometimes complete villages are replaced by new versions, whilst the materials from the old one’s lie scattered throughout the yards or even become the foundation for the new houses.

This work has been made possible with the generous support of
BPD Cultuurfonds

Brick Weaving Tapestry (2021) was part of the exhibition manifestation Noorderlicht International Photo Festival

Camera Bioscoop, Groningen (NL) 
07.08.21 - 03.11.21

BPD Cultuurfonds, Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam (NL)
17.09.21 - still open


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