Ashes | Ashes
Solo exhibition at R SPACE, Ljubljana
Photographic series, oak wood, charred wood

The title of the exhibition at R SPACE cleverly alludes to the central, site-specific artwork in the gallery space; it is a two-piece wooden sculptural installation that functions as an independent artwork and at the same time provides the structural framework for the exhibition itself.

The exhibition includes other smaller sculptures and photographic works that in different ways reflect the concept, design, form, and material of the original oak structure. The exhibition is a continuation of The Healer series, in which the artist has analyzed numerous historical examples of how architectural design and urban planning have contributed to the spread of epidemic disease, but also, conversely, how architecture has acted as a cure for diseases.

The exhibition explores, particularly through its design and format, the principles of (clean) air, ventilation, and quarantine as preventative measures against infection, especially through the prism of medieval stories. These recount the purification of personal objects, clothing, and even entire houses with smoke and fire, often with the aid of spices and herbs, which were burnt both on household windowsills and in large city fires.

Ashes | Ashes is about protection from the plague in terms of personal health, but also about healing the dwellings, public buildings, and public spaces of the medieval inner cities. The basic oak sculpture thus becomes a clear reference to the (fast-burning) wooden frame of a medieval house. The elements of wood, charcoal, fire, smoke, and herbs are duplicated in different media, both literally and figuratively. By analyzing such practices, the artist abstractly recreates a set of very specific circumstances, creating an altered experience of the gallery space.

- Exhibition text on Ashes | Ashes, R SPACE

Ashes| Ashes 
R SPACE, Ljubljana, Slovenia
27.05.22 - 31.07.22
Opening: 26.05.22 as part of Ljubljana Art Weekend

R SPACE is a project space that is part of Ravnikar Gallery Space

Ashes | Ashes is part of the research project Genezende Gebouwen (Healing Buildings), (2020 - ongoing)