An Eye for the Wind, 2023
Archival inkjet print on Canson Rag 310 Fine Art Photo Paper. Oakwood frame treated with colourless beeswax with museum glass
37 x 30 cm

An Eye for the Wind
(2023), explores the etymological meaning of the word window, which is a loanword from the Scandinavian vindauga; which means wind-eye. The first windows in architecture were not created to allow light through the wall, but to let smoke from the fireplace escape out of the house. Historically the hearth was always the centre of these (farm)houses. The small ventilation holes were often situated very high on the wall, just underneath the ridge beam of the roof. The work activates this former notion of the window in architecture. The hourglass-shaped smoke-hole refers to a Germanic symbol that was often found in historic farmhouses and that was intended to protect the household from external evils and spirits.

An Eye for the Wind (2023) was part of the group exhibition At the Farthest Edge: Re-building Photography at Atelier NŌUA,
Bodø (NO)
03.06.23 - 30.07.23