A Short Ride in a Fast Machine
Site-specific collaborative installation, presented at Moira, Utrecht
Collaboration with Annabelle Binnerts & Caz Egelie

Together with fellow artists Annabelle Binnerts and Caz Egelie, I have produced a large immersive installation called A Short Ride in a Fast Machine in Moira Utrecht. The installation is dedicated to the retro perspective exhibition of ‘The Artist’, a celebrated but invisible figure. Each of us got into character and played the role of ‘the Artist’. With the exhibition, we try to question the conventions about exhibiting and what it means to present work in an institutional context.

While walking through the exhibition, the visitor moves through several separate exhibition areas, finally concluding into a space that can be seen as the backstage storage of a museum. My part of this collaboration, besides the exhibited works, mainly concerned the exhibition architecture, the spatial design of the museum and routing through it.

A Short Ride in a Fast Machine - een tentoonstelling van 'The Artist'
Review by: Domeniek Ruyters, Metropolis M

An Artist Studio, a video for the exhibition, can be viewed here.